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Dr. Elisabeth Davis, Superintendent, Eufaula City Schools


"The mentoring, and instructional prowess were career defining...challenged me to broaden my leadership horizons by insisting on both research-based practices and a laser-like attention to disaggregated data and student growth.  He modeled it."

Jay Sales, Principal

Amelon Elementary School

Amherst, VA

"Principals can’t do this work alone.  They need partners, coaches serving as critical friends. And it's very important that the coaches know instruction, teaching and learning, schools, professional learning with a narrow focus on improving children’s lives.”

Dr. Janet Sherrod, 

Tuscaloosa City Schools

Tuscaloosa, AL

"Dr. McKendrick’s vast experiences with school systems across the country have given him an unmatched tool box for working with principals to devise solutions for the particular

challenges their students face." 

Ms. Kelly Horwitz, School Board Member

Tuscaloosa City School Board

Tuscaloosa, AL

"Innovative. Creative with a great knowledge of instruction.  Is a great teacher of

and for principals.  A problem solver." 

Dr. Elisabeth Davis, Assistant Superintendent 

Alabama State Department of Education

Montgomery, AL

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