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About Our Founder 

Expert Advisers, Coaches


We at The Mack Leadership Group (MLG) bring a portfolio of powerful skills, successes, and accomplishments, all made possible because of our deep knowledge of teaching and learning.

Some of those accomplishments include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting schools in meeting state accountability measures.

  • Improving teaching and learning and student achievement at low-performing schools. 

  • Strengthening school leaders' talents in instructional leadership. 

  • Implementing protocols for classroom observations and evidence-based feedback.

  • Creating leadership academies.    


MLG staff have the knowledge, the experiences, and  the skills needed to develop highly effective school leaders.




During his tenure as a superintendent, his colleagues, in 2016, nominated him for Alabama Superintendent of the Year.


He received his doctorate from and is a very proud graduate of Harvard University and The Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Paul McKendrick, the founder of The Mack Leadership Group (MLG), has more than 35 years of experience in K-12 education, with more than 15 of those at the executive level.   He served as superintendent for more than 11 years in Virginia and in Alabama.

As a superintendent, he initiated programs that developed leadership in schools; improved professional learning, instruction, and student achievement; and championed equity and access for children of color. Because of his strengths in teaching and learning, more than 90 percent of his systems' schools  met state accountability measures.  

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